Programs for cryptocurrency trading

Programs for cryptocurrency trading

Cryptocurrency trading platform reviews

Cryptocurrency trading programis quite popular thing in the world of virtual money. Many people would like to try their hand at working with crypto-currencies, but do not know where to start. Those who are ready to bet on bitcoin or etherium, can choose one of the four best trading bots. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. It is important to remember that no trading robot is the ideal solution.For the convenience of traders and successful trading, a lot of tools were created, for example, cryptocurrency Quant trading is characterized by favorable terms for both parties to the transaction. Bots for trading of cryptocurrency:

  • Cryptotrader. People searching for information about trading bots can often come across the name Cryptotrader. This platform is quite popular among holders and bitcoins, and altcoyins. The program uses a cloud approach that allows you to create personal trading strategies that are similar to those of the bot itself.An additional software installation is not required for this. Cryptotrader is one of the most interesting bots for trading tokens these days. The service supports a large number of crypto-exchange exchanges.
  • HaasOnline. For many users, HaasOnline is the main bot for trading crypto-currencies. Itssoftware uses a certain nuclear algorithm, which gradually learns to take into account the wishes of the owner.
  • PHP Trader. Initially, the program was only applicable to trading bitcoins, but now it can be used to work with the etherium.The design of the application is pretty simple, but it has all the functionality that you can expect from such solutions. To use the program you need to have an account on the Coinbase exchange. This is the only platform with which it works. But since the bot is written in the PHP language, it’s easy to assume that in the future its capabilities will be expanded.

From the point of view of convenience, this bot has everything for qualitative trades by beginning traders, even if it does not perform data analysis and does not predict price trends. With such features, the application is not suitable for large investments, but it is an ideal starting program for newcomers to the market.

Soft for trade: cryptocurrency trading Quora

Quora and cryptocurrency trading Quotes and other platforms and also trading on margin have similar features. Also, given the proximity to the people, strategies working on the behavior of the crowd are working on crypto-currencies. It should be borne in mind that one large sale / purchase can easily move the market. That is, any sharp fluctuations can be not only for fundamental reasons, but simply when a major player decides to enter / exit the market.

Excellent work: Fibonacci levels

Fibonacci built on the basis of the golden section, that is, the basis is the structure of the surrounding nature, structural harmony. All this from the point of view of human perception, so the levels are kickbacks, bounces – in the market are the same people.If we remove the schedule, we will see that the long-term trend for BTCUSD is still going up, despite periodic strong falls. This is very clearly visible even in a relatively small period since May 2016.
Traditional horizontal levels also work. But, of course, do not look for levels where they are not, use only the most obvious ones and look for round numbers, for example: 200, 300, 3000, 4000 and so on. At the same time, there are very often false breakdowns of levels, so you need to be extremely careful here. Nevertheless, there is always the most likely rebound from the level, rather than its breakdown. Also, note that if there used to be a lot of so-called pyramids working under the pretext of forex trading, now the same thing happens with the crypto-currency market. One example is cloud-based services, most of which work on a fraudulent scheme.

When there are no big news on the market, the banal purchases work on a rollback to the average (necessarily with confirmation). Excellent shows itself 21 average. Here you can also include trend lines. Also pay attention to the gaps – they may not close, and this is quite normal. Given the increased volatility, with averaging is not worth dodging, as well as climbing into purchases at highs.

One of the most promising strategies for the fans of Price Action, these are pin bars. On pinpoints, pin bars work fine. But, of course, do not forget that the pin bar should always have some support – a key level or a Fibonacci level. Typical picture for the market is a few bars in a row. When you notice such a formation, you should expect some directional movement.

Risk management

The recommended deposit is, on average, $ 1000. Leverage is more than 1:10 until nowhere to be found, such leverage is in AMarkets and Alpari. The minimum lot for AMarkets is 1, for Alpari it is 0.1 and 0.01 for FXOpen, but with a 1: 3 shoulder. To simplify the calculation of risks, at the end of the article you will find a link to a special indicator that displays on the chart the maximum number of lots to buy, the minimum lot, the cost of the item, the size of the spread and the swap. To start, drag the indicator on the chart, click download, and select the supplied .set file. The risks to the deal are 2-3% maximum, as well as other strategies. In general, the shoulder of 1: 3 is enough for normal trading without overstating the risks. But, of course, the best way to start is to test the strategy on a demo account, then go to a real account.