Cryptocurrency trading with the help of different tools and programs

Cryptocurrency trading with the help of different tools and programs

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Crypto-currency exchanges are developing their own software for traders, as exchanges are more profitable than using third-party software. For example, a large exchange Poloniex recommends the use of the program TerminalCoin, the price of which is $ 200, and some others release programs that in the process of trading take interest from the user for every successful transaction.

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However, the crypto-financial market is technically little different from the usual cryptocurrency trading room of fiat currencies, and therefore there is no need to “reinvent the wheel”. At crypto-exchange exchanges, as well as on ordinary exchanges, you can trade using special software for currency trading. These programs, called trading terminals, greatly simplify the process of trading, increase mobility, and allow you to partially automate trade to save time trader. Within the framework of this article, we will consider the most popular terminals used for trading crypto-currencies.

Standard software: cryptocurrency trading rules

First, let’s look at the usual platforms, where the deals are opened and closed manually. There are many programs and platforms for trading, for example, a cryptocurrency trading Robot program. It is more chosen by beginners. Cryptocurrency trading Robinhood is for those who already feel in the market as a fish in the water.They are the most in demand among traders, since they allow you to fully control the process of trading digital coins. So, cryptocurrency trading platforms list:

  • Blockfolio. Blockfolio is a simple and easy application, which is a portfolio for collecting information about your crypto-currencies. Due to the fact that you need to enter data about your coins manually, the program is not very suitable for traders who constantly switch from one crypto currency to another.
  • Bitcoin Checker. One of the small applications available only for Android users is Bitcoin Checker. It is a small widget.
  • Coin Tracking. Coin Tracking is an excellent solution for serious crypto currency trading. It creates visual pie charts of your income and expenses, allows you to calculate parameters such as realized and unrealized income, create tax reports. If you are a law-abiding taxpayer, then Coin Tracking will help you with the accounting of your crypto currency trading.
  • Lawnmower. This application allows you to always stay up to date on developments in the crypto currency market. The net interface of the program allows you to easily view the history and dynamics of the courses, currency, market data, get acquainted with the news and produce fixed weekly or monthly investments. This program is available for both Android and iPhone.

Considering all the above, MT4 is very popular. Crypto-exchanges do not offer users to download an already customized version of MT4, but if you understand, the terminal can be connected via API to such giants as Bittrex, YoBit, Bithumb. In addition, many well-known forex brokers (InstaForex, Alpari, Alfa-Forex) have added the opportunity to trade basic crypto-currencies, and they can also be operated with MetaTrader 4.However, despite the availability of ready software, enthusiasts from the crypto community have developed a free and open trader terminal specifically for trading crypto currency: Qt Bitcoin Trader.

The terminal quickly became popular, which is facilitated by the support of all major exchanges (Yobit, Bitfinex, Exmo, and many smaller exchanges), the multilanguage interface, work besides Windows on the Mac and Linux, open source code of the program, and quick reaction of developers to the problems and suggestions of users. In addition, users have the opportunity to automate any action, describing them in a light scripting language, as well as independently expand the functionality of the program. There is also a software for smartphones on Android, allowing you to trade on crypto-exchanges. The most common application for this is Tab Trader.

The program supports working with many crypto-exchanges from the list of top-10: EXMO, Kraken, Bitfinex, Bittrex. In addition, less known exchanges are available, only about 23. The terminal supports top-500 crypto currencies for trading, and in general, it is the most popular software for cryptotrading from a smartphone for today.
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In addition, each country has its own peculiarities of trade. For example, if you are planning to usecryptocurrency trading platform Australia, then remember that in this country the rules on the market are somewhat conservative and you need a lot of permits from the relevant authorities. Cryptocurrency trading platform Philippines, on the other hand, is more liberal and less restrictive.The main components used by the trading platform (as example we take cryptocurrency trading platform Reddit) on the exchange are the following:

  • schedule;
  • orders sell, buy for sale and purchase;
  • history of concluded deals;
  • trading volumes held on the exchange (s).

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And in the end it will be mentioned two small, but still quite interesting applications. The first is Coinpaper, an Android-based program for converting Bitcoin graphics, Ether and other coins into live wallpapers. The second application, Crypto Ladder, exists for iOS and Android. It displays charts of the market capitalization of real-time crypto currency.