Cryptocurrency trading prices

Cryptocurrency trading prices

The main task of the exchange player is to determine the most profitable strategy. Options for earning on the stock exchange today are not limited to trading games and investing, and it is possible that, having understood a little, a person will find a more suitable option for himself. But if not – speculation and investing also need to be wisely.

How to make money on the exchange: cryptocurrency trading prices

Briefly about arbitrage in trading. Arbitrage refers to strategies based on the extraction of profit from the simultaneous trade of the instrument in different directions when a difference in value is detected. For example, on one exchange BTC (bitcoin) trades at $ 7k, and on the other at $ 6.9k. We must simultaneously buy cheaper and sell more. The difference is to take for yourself. Before the era of the Internet, these strategies gave a big profit to those who possessed the information. Now, with the availability of quotations on stock exchanges, especially crypto-currency, the price is public property. That is, it is everywhere approximately equal, including the necessary expenses for the transfer of capital and positions.

Reliability is high: a trader can make a profit by playing on any currency – even growing, though falling. If one of the currencies becomes unpromising for trading, it goes to another one. A newcomer can lose money first because of wrong decisions, therefore it is recommended to start with small amounts that are designed to teach a person to work on the stock exchange and react to the exchange rate rather than make a profit.

There are several ways to buy or exchange a crypto currency.

  • Exchange. Pay attention also to the course itself.
  • Bot: for example, cryptocurrency trading Python platform.

A beginner at the crypto-bureau usually makes a lot of mistakes. Over time, he notices patterns, learns, and if he reads relevant literature – quickly becomes a good player and increases income. Then it goes to other levels, the profit increases in proportion to the volume of trading. The robot began to trade and sells, but its owner did not know anything, so he will not know. Accordingly there is no growth – no profit, no skills. In addition, simple crypto-bots usually cost at least $ 10 per month, and the cost of arbitration can reach $ 500 per month. Many are built in such a way that they will only work in plus, that is, they do not sell even a noticeably falling currency and wait until its rate again increases. Sometimes it takes a very long time (you can not wait at all). Some start selling it as soon as the exchange rate falls, and they also lose money. On average, with favorable layouts and correct settings, the bot’s revenue is about 50-70% per month, it can grow to 100%, but it may drop to 20%.With small investments (say, $ 10-20), the bot will pay off soon, if it is granted to the user forever, and can not pay off at all if the subscription is monthly. If you invest more (for example, $ 1000) a reliable bot, it is likely that it will pay off, and profit will come.

Cryptocurrency trading platform: ranking

The first thing to do before the beginning of a currency transaction is to study the level of security of a particular exchange. And best of all – to get acquainted with the reliability rating of popular trading platforms, compiled on the basis of peer review and trading experience. It included those exchanges of crypto-currencies, which are almost impossible to crack because of the multi-level protection of user accounts. An objective and current rating of existing sites, as well as personal care and intuition will allow you to make an unmistakable choice and not worry about the safety of your funds.


  • > 300 directions of exchange;
  • lack of mandatory verification, the ability to trade anonymously;
  • low commission for withdrawal until their complete absence (for example, for NEO).


  • it was created in Russia with an orientation towards Russian realities (it supports local payment systems, which you will not find in other services);
  • differs with the expanded functionality: in addition to Russian payment systems (WebMoney, QIWI, Yandex.Money), supports the main international ones, and also provides an opportunity for a number of other operations to replenish / withdraw / transfer funds;
  • start working on the exchange and get access to electronic purses immediately after a quick and easy registration;
  • convenient interface and effective professional tools for the analysis and evaluation of the entire crypto-currency market.


  • top-end crypto-exchange, which has high security requirements;
  • it has a high speed of work.

After choosing the exchange, you need to calculate the cryptocurrency trading profit: this will help to make a special calculator.You can sell any crypto currency, not just bitcoin, for example, operations for Neo cryptocurrency trading require the same conditions as trading bitcoins and altcoins.