Cryptocurrency trading

Cryptocurrency trading

The future has already come. Bitcoin’s course is even discussed by grandmothers on benches. The fact that the crypto-currencies have finally entered the economy is even recognized reluctantly by the deputies. It is traders who can earn millions on the races of the crypto currency at any of its courses – at least high, though low.To successfully trade in crypto currency, traders use various instruments, for example, cryptocurrency trading profit calculator, which helps to calculate the profit from the sale of currency or mining in advance.

What is crypto currency: trading cryptocurrency on margin

There are many resources where it became possible to trade and exchange crypto currency. Cryptocurrency trading on Robinhood gives an opportunity to trade bitcoins and other crypto currency at the most favorable terms.Cryptocurrency trading on stock market is an opportunity to find a lot of buyers who buy crypto currency for big money. This is a very popular way.

Well, it’s easiest to notice the difference by example. Let’s say, what happens when you send 100 rubles to your grandmother by bank transfer? In the beginning, the money goes to the bank account, then the entry goes to the server. If at that moment something happens to the server of the bank (force majeure), the money will be lost. From the server of one bank, the money is redirected to the server of the other. Again, if something goes wrong during this operation, money may be lost during the execution of the transaction.

Blocking is an analogue of a digital notary where there is no single central server (single point of failure), as is the case with traditional electronic wallets. In fact, the blockade is decrypted as a chain of blocks, where each block participates in the transaction confirmation. In the bitcoin network, all transactions are irreversible (unchanged after the fact), with each member of the network storing the complete history of all transactions. Bitcoin is the very first and brightest representative of crypto currency based on blockbuster technology. Here you can draw an analogy with the US dollar, as the main converting tool. On many services, bitcoin is the default crypto currency, that is, it automatically converts other crypto currency into bitcoin. Regarding security, we can say that the technology provides transparency of transactions, as information about transfers between purses is open to everyone, but does not give full anonymity. If desired, more anonymity can be achieved with the help of special mixers (servers for confusing transactions) and other ways that hide the physical address of the user of the wallet.

When will the bubble burst?

Actually, why the rate grows, nobody has any questions. At the very least, the technology itself is of interest to investors and, in general, people like to be independent of states. But, let’s start with the fact that the amount of Bitcoin in circulation is limited, and according to estimates, the bulk of the coins will be mined by 2034. If you believe in blocking technology, it is definitely worthwhile to keep investments until this time, but you need to be ready for sharp jumps in 30-50% of the course.

One of the main advantages of using of cryptocurrency trading pairsis huge volatility. Since we are talking about trading, not investing, the strategy of earning money on bitcoin may well include short positions. In fact, bitcoin can also be sold, and this can also be earned. The fact that the bubble will burst is inevitable. It is possible that this process has already begun. After the bubble bursts, the rate will drop sharply. But, since a huge amount of infrastructure is created (companies, exchanges, services, exchangers, etc.), that is, the rate will be low for some time, crypto-currencies will remain stable, and eventually will grow.

The same was with the collapse of dotcoms in the 2000s, when the Internet invested a lot of money, really not realizing what it really is. Nevertheless, despite the bursting of the bubble, a huge infrastructure was created, the Internet is now everywhere, and the richest people are working in the IT sphere. Mining is the process of producing new blocks during the processing of transactions. That is, you give part of your own computer capacity to maintain a distributed network, and as a reward receive a certain amount of crypto currency. Mining at home is no longer an economic benefit if you are not going to do it on an industrial scale. In general, the time for investing in the same bitcoin also passed. But, given the current rate, if the situation now settles and the currency will show any signals for upward movement, you have a good opportunity to invest in bitcoin at a bargain price. Investing is necessary for a long time, while being ready for fluctuations of 30% -50% and huge drawdowns.Each country has its own attitude to the trade in crypto currency. For example, cryptocurrency trading Nederland is allowed. According to a study by Maurice de Honda, Holland citizens purchased or extracted a digital currency of about 3 billion euros.

The advantages of trading crypto-currencies

Cryptocurrency trading online is the best way to earn money on crypto-currencies, because we can earn even when the rate falls. When investors are in a panic, traders are calm. One of the main advantages, as we have already discussed, is a strong volatility. Those thousand of percent, about which everyone dreams, when they come to forex, on ordinary instruments one can achieve only with a large shoulder. Here it is all available with moderate risks.You can trade with different crypto-currencies. For example, NEM cryptocurrency trading is the same trade as operations with bitcoin. You can also start cryptocurrency trading on mobile. It’s very convenient. Cryptocurrency trading on phone gives you opportunity to sale you currency whenever you want.

Trading strategies

Since Bitcoin is now mostly a folk instrument, that is, there is still not a lot of institutional money, as in conventional currencies, the strongest that affects the course is news. For example, China banned ICO (initial issue of coins on the exchange), and this directly affected the course of bitcoin. Also, strong growth occurred after the recognition of bitcoin by Japan. That is, you need to follow the news.Cryptocurrency trading online course you can always find in special sites of trade. Traders are not limited to anything, many exchanges and platforms have been created for trading, for example, cryptocurrency Options trading platform. Every cryptocurrency trading open source has its own advantages and peculiarities.