Cryptocurrency market trading platform

Cryptocurrency market trading platform

Cryptocurrency trading: news and facts about trading

Increasingly, you can hear about the use of cryptography as a financial tool by various states. Can Bitcoins be used for investment? Of course, yes. Bitcoins have already managed to gain confidence among the members of the financial community and are actively used in trades on major exchanges, including the Forex currency market. In this case, the virtual currency ensures complete anonymity of transactions and safe storage of funds, attracting even more investors.

At the financial exchanges Bitcoin used in two situations:

  1. Account in the Bitcoins. On the other hand, if you make a mistake in the calculations and get a creep currency at the peak, there is a chance to be a loss in sales, so be careful when buying virtual money.
  2. Trade of Bitcoin. A trader thoroughly prepared and found out for himself the features of working with the virtual currency, can deal with speculation in exchange rate fluctuations. Bitcoins, like any other currency, are subject to price fluctuations, so smart players always have the opportunity to make money by changing supply and demand. Actually, this has allowed Bitcoin to take leading positions in the currency market in very short terms.

Where and how to buy Bitcoins

Until recently Bitcoin was not so easy to buy. That time is, and now the digital currency is available to everyone, for this it is enough just to visit a special exchange on the Internet, where digital money is exchanged for other assets. If you are new to Forex, it is best to first entrust currency exchange operations to your broker, or at least run them through cryptocurrency trading MT4 terminal. MetaTrader 4 is a popular and widely used charting program for Forex and other asset classes. MT4 can be used not only for technical analysis, but also for placing orders and order management.

How to trade bitcoins in market: cryptocurrency market trading app

It will not be a secret that in many virtual currencies, many have managed to get rich enough, and in very short terms. This is due to the specifics of this currency, which can show huge amplitude of fluctuations. If you also intend to repeat the experience of these lucky ones, start with a small amount. Hundreds of dollars will be enough to master the specific trade and understand its basic principles. It is only possible to reduce losses by contracting for the difference in prices. With this approach you can choose a credit shoulder and ensure a good deposit increase with minimal risks. Obviously, Bitcoin’s virtual currency is a great tool not only for the settlement of services and goods, but also as a separate financial instrument, which is enjoying an undeniable popularity in the Forex currency market.Earn at a change in the cost of the price can be through AMarkets – cryptocurrency market trading platform – opening a trading account.

Crypto-currency exchanges, convenient for day trading

For intraday trading, it is best to use Binance, Bitfinex and Kucoin.

  1. Binance is a young stock cryptocurrency margin trading platform, founded in 2017. Due to low commissions and constant addition of new currency pairs, it quickly became one of the leaders. Binance can be recommended for both short-term (active) and long-term trading. On this platform, there is an option to put a stop-limit, limiting your losses. To reduce the commission by 50%, you can buy tokens of this exchange and use them to pay the commission (it is necessary to select this option in the settings). Deposit replenishment and withdrawal is carried out only in the crypto currency. Verification is not necessary, but it allows increasing the daily amount of withdrawal of funds.
  2. Bitfinex has the most advanced interface. A large choice of order types (including stop order), the possibility of margin trading, the ability to receive passive income by providing their free funds to other traders (in dollars, the rate sometimes reaches 100% per annum). The largest liquidity among all exchanges is in terms of bitcoin / USD, ethereum / USD. With a large volume of trades, the commission for market maker applications * can be reduced to 0%. The exchange allows you to enter and withdraw fiat money (from 10,000 USD or 10,000 EUR) for verified accounts, but you need to bear in mind that verification can take several months.
  3. Bitstamp – can be recommended for input / output of fiat money. Not a bad interface, but a large commission and a small set of currency pairs. It is hardly suitable for those who want to trade a large set of crypto-currencies. Has good liquidity for bitcoin and ethereum.
  4. Kraken – can be recommended for input / output of fiat money. The exchange has established itself as one of the most reliable (at the current moment there is not a single case of hacking). But there are periodic technical failures which make it difficult to place orders. The interface is one of the most uncomfortable. A small number of currency pairs. It is hardly suitable for those who want to trade a large set of crypto-currencies.

Besides as we have already mentioned you can use this or that cryptocurrency trading mobile app for trading. Many trust applications and prefer to trade through them. As a consequence, for the convenience of traders, special gains have been developed, for example, cryptocurrency Momentum trading – enhancement of MobileBridge.