Best cryptocurrency trading websites

Best cryptocurrency trading websites

Cryptocurrency trading: Wiki information

Exchange crypto currency has become an integral part of the ecosystem of the virtual world. At the end of 2017 there are about 230 online sites, about another hundred already closed – and many with customer funds. Of the current attention worthy of the firm, proved its reliability with a high level of service, security and a set of trading tools. The higher the status of crypto-exchange, the more customers they choose. Accordingly, companies are more attentive to their reputation and care about the comfort and loyalty of users.

Which crypto-instruments are the most reliable in 2018: cryptocurrency trading vs stock trading

The volume of trades is an objective indicator of the status of crypto-exchanges. The number of companies is increasing, the competition makes increasingly stringent requirements for owners of web platforms, and users have a wide choice:

  1. Simple sites with a laconic interface and the main markets. Being popular with beginners such crypto-exchanges are rarely in demand among professionals.
  2. Complex platforms, with integrated indicators, flexible timeframes, settings, graphical display of the application glass, the ability to filter tools by several criteria and save the created profile.

Regardless of the complexity of the interface, the most reliable exchanges of crypto-currencies are determined by common factors:

  • Connection security and the ability to repel cyberattacks;
  • Verification of users and the presence of identification 2FA;
  • The system of cold storage of funds, inaccessible to hackers;
  • Guarantee of customer deposits.

The subjective characteristics of reliability include historical facts – breach of security of service, methods by which the company coped with the force majeure and how to compensate for losses to customers.

Which platform should I choose: cryptocurrency trading websites

Polonix has strong competitors who care about safety, even at the expense of convenience. Judging by the fact that all listed companies are among the top ten, security for professionals is in the first place.

  1. Bitstamp – exchange bitcoins from Slovenia. One of the best in terms of trading volume. Orders for the purchase and sale of the pair USD / BTC are almost instantaneous, and withdrawals from deposits are made in different currencies.
  2. Exchange site platform BitType. The owners of the service are known – NejcKodric and Damian Merlak. On the crypto-exchange, depositing funds via an international bank transfer Sepa is organized. Users transfer dollars and euros, there is an exchange of euros for dollars. Commission from 0.5%, is recalculated downwards, depending on the monthly volume.
  3. Bitfinex Platform. Provides advanced trading tools.
  4. Cryptocurrency trading platformBitfinex. The owners of Bitfinex, in their own words, are paranoid about security issues.
  5. Best cryptocurrency trading app – platform from Coinbase. A popular platform is crypto-currency and one of the best in operations with bitcoin. This mechanism makes Coinbaseone of best cryptocurrency trading platform.

Unreliable crypto-exchange exchanges

As an anti-example of reliability, let’s cite the BTC-e crypto-exchange. The BTC-e platform includes bitcoin, lightcoin, nimescoin and several other digital currencies, as well as dollars, rubles, pounds, yuan and euro. On the web, information is found that the office of the company is in Russia. The names of the founders are unknown. Despite the large trading volumes, two-factor authentication and attempts to meet world standards, this firm can not be called reliable. Several scandals are associated with her name:

  • Users in July 2017 for a long time blocked accounts.
  • Then carried out the transfer of accounts on a new platform.
  • At the originally named date, the restart was not ready.

The updated interface was launched on September 15, and users received the money on a new course. Moreover, 62% of initial deposits were returned, and the remaining part was compensated by crypto-exchange tokens.
If you recall – bitcoin at this time actively declined after the Chinese ban. In addition, customers who somehow managed to transfer the crypto-currencies to the purses of the suspended platform after August 1, lost money – as the control over deposits, according to the BTC-e administration, was seized by representatives of the US FBI, details were not commented on. Soon the service was bought out and renamed into, let’s hope that new owners will be able to solve past problems of the site and the exchange will return to the list of market leaders.

Cryptocurrency trading with Python

The electronic currency is not new to anyone, but its own currency implementation in Python promises to be interesting. Create a new Bitcoin. A simple coin (SimpleCoin) is a simple, insecure and not fully implemented version of the blockade of crypto currency in Python. The main idea of the project was the idea to implement the most similar, simple and working version of Bitcoin. If you also want to create something of your own, you should contact Bitcoin Repository.

Reputation and feedback

Understanding cryptocurrency trading gives you opportunity to discover world of real money. Whatever one may say, the stock exchange must be known. In order to check how it functions, to learn about its subtleties when entering and withdrawing capital, commissions and verification, you need to perform a few simple steps:

  • Register on the exchange, test the technical support work, pass verification in advance.
  • Always pay attention to reviews on forums, like BitcoinTalk and Reddit. From the comments you can find out what problems arise and how they are solved on the platform.

Commission: cryptocurrency trading values

Basically, the commissions are immediately mentioned on the main page of the stock exchange: in a good way in the header or basement of the site.

Payment systems

Make sure that the exchange accepts Fiat. Ask how it will be most profitable to raise funds for the platform. Are you sure that one payment system is good for all exchanges? Some do not cooperate with Webmoney others take 5-7% for the transfer from Perfect Money, the third and do only accept crypto currency for input.